Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga is a gripping murder mystery.The story follows Jazz, the teenage son of an infamous serial killer, with a horrible childhood and unwelcome understanding for how murderers think.
This book starts at a normal pace and just keeps getting faster. Every time I turned the page, there was a new, crazy plot development! It was hard to put down because I needed to know what would happen! It was also very detailed. Now, I usually think detail is a wonderful thing, but when it’s murder scenes that are being described, let’s say the level of detail stepped somewhat farther than most people may be comfortable with. I had a few debates with myself about whether to walk away and think about bunnies for a while or to keep reading and get closer to discovering who had created this disturbing scene. Props to Lyga for being edgy, I suppose, but I’d rather have the gore a little scaled back.
My biggest bone to pick with this book was the ending. It was left open for interpretation.
I hate that. The rest of the book was absorbing and intense and I wanted desperately to know how it would end... But the ending only told enough to make me assume what happened. It gave some information, but it was confusing enough that it’s still driving me a little crazy. Leaving stories open to interpretation can be a very powerful tool when used in the right circumstances. This book is about crime solving and mysteries. That’s not genre that benefits from an open ending.
If you like to hear all the gory details or are looking for an intriguing murder mystery, this is one exciting read. Just beware of a potentially frustrating ending.

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